Targeted and stimulating hair care for thinning hair and hair loss.

Suitable for men and women.

Reactional hair loss treatment

Massive and sudden hair loss due to post-partum, stress and diet.

85%(1) anti-hair loss efficacy.

Progressive hair loss treatment

Hair loss due to menopause, age and genetics that causes thin hair.

87%(2) of hair loss slowed down.

Severe hair loss treatment

Severe hereditary hair loss, stress, thinning hair.

+6440(3) hairs after 6 weeks.

(1) % of volunteers on which anti-hair loss efficacy was observed by dermatologists during a study on 76 women after 2 months of use. 
(2) % of volunteers who perceived the effect during a satisfaction test on 75 women, after 3 months of use. 
(3) instrumental measurement of the number of hairs per cm² after 1,5 months of use on 73 men.

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