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Phytospecific Baobab Oil Hair Bath

Phytospecific Baobab Oil Hair Bath 150ml

A baobab infused hair oil, designed for curly, frizzy, coiled or relaxed hair.  As part of a complete haircare program, Baobab Oil hair bath is the must-have for textured hair. Multi-use elixir with 5 sublimating vegetable oils, use as an oil bath...
Phytodetox Spray Rehab Mist

Phytodetox Spray Rehab Mist 150ml

A detoxifying scalp spray designed to refreshed, and reduce unwanted pollution on the scalp. Our increasingly intense lifestyles are suffocating our hair and scalp. Pollution, stress, cigarette smoke, product accumulation, hard water… A daily HAIR...
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Phyto Phytokeratin Extreme Exceptional Mask

Phytokeratin Extreme Exceptional Mask 200ml

PHYTO's 'Exceptional Mask' has the power to transform very damaged, over-processed hair. With our proprietary botanical keratin, the heart of 'Phytokeratine Extreme' profound powers of transformation, hair is deeply repaired as its core. A potent...
Phytovolume Volumizing Jelly Mask

Phytovolume Volumizing Jelly Mask 150ml

Perfect for fine, limp and lifeless hair, this unique jelly hair mask boosts volume and detangles.  This amber-toned translucent jelly is incredibly silky smooth and has been specially designed to deliver just the right amount of hair care without...
Phyto SOFTNESS Dry Shampoo

SOFTNESS Dry Shampoo 75ml

A daily S.O.S shampoo that cleanses without water, rebalances and protects the scalp, while providing volume and texture to the hair. This dry shampoo can be used daily to restore volume and texture to the hair without leaving residue. Hair appears...
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A deep conditioning mask treatment that intensely nourishes dry and very dry hair. The NUTRITION mask nourishes without weighing down the hair fibre. A deep treatment for supple, soft and more beautiful hair. The core formula contains jojoba butter to...
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